Why Buy When You Can Rent For a Fraction of the Cost?

Why buy when you can rent for a fraction of the cost? When it comes to rental items, we have it all. Why buy something you’re only going to use once or twice a year, or perhaps seasonally, but then have to store the rest of the time? Renting items can also save on freight costs when shipping your exhibit. If you don’t see an item you’re interested in listed below, contact us.

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Need an LCD screen to play a short presentation, video, or pictures? No problem, we have you covered. A big bright LCD screen will attract and draw in viewers from the convention floor to your booth in no time! We have a wide range of audio visual accessories to accompany your booth or exhibit! Our most popular items are: LCD TVs, LED TVs, Blu-Ray & DVD players, wireless mics, speakers, amps, mixers, and of course all of the cabling and connections.


Lighting is everything. If your attendees can’t see you or your exhibit properly from a short distance, it might discourage your audience. We have everything to accentuate your booth or exhibit from small to large. Let our lighting illuminate your booth or exhibit so it can be easily seen.


Good trade show flooring is a must. Presenting without proper flooring creates the feeling of an unfinished exhibit. One way that you can create that finished look to attendees, and draw attention at the same time, is with comfortable and affordable booth flooring.


Need a specific color of carpet to make your booth or exhibit stand out? Explore our custom carpet options that can really make your booth and company stand out above the rest.