High-quality Las Vegas exhibit installation and dismantling services are invaluable. At Patriot Exhibit Services, we pride ourselves on our incomparable record of success. You can rely on us to meet and exceed every expectation and request, making your show memorable for all the right reasons. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals who will install and dismantle your exhibits with the utmost precision and skill.

Las Vegas Exhibit Installation & Dismantle

Unfortunately, there are a plethora of reasons out of your control as to why your installation may not go as planned. This is why we come prepared for every possible circumstance, and prepare ourselves for unforeseen circumstances, while remaining within your budget. Our Las Vegas exhibit installation and dismantling professionals put in the extra effort to make your day a bit easier.

Regardless of if you decide to supervise, or require the assistance of a Patriot Exhibit Services employee, we will meet your needs. We have the resources and expertise to ensure that you have the most successful show imaginable.

Call Patriot Exhibit Services at (702) 538-7967 for all of your Las Vegas exhibit installation and dismantle service needs.