Trade shows are a terrific way to show off your goods and services, but it can be quite taxing and requires significant planning and trustworthy exhibit services. Shipping your exhibit items is something that takes a lot of care and experienced handling. At Patriot Exhibit Source, we go the extra step to ensure your items arrive safe and sound–and on time.

Las Vegas Trade Show Exhibit Transportation Services

Reliable Transportation Experts

Choosing a reliable, qualified, licensed transportation partner is imperative to the success of your exhibit. It’s important you always remember that this is not the same as shipping a small package; you need experts working on your side to properly handle your items. Our team of Las Vegas trade show transportation experts know exactly when and where to set-up, as well as the ins and outs of setting up properly. When we arrive at your venue, we will help you unpack, arrange and set-up your exhibit, as well as assist in the disassembly of your booth at the end of the show. We always ensure that your booth materials are handled with the utmost care and are ready when you need them.

Additionally, we offer secure storage, clear of the elements, designed to keep your exhibit items safe until you need them.

The Best Las Vegas Trade Show Transportation Services

We strive to help you have a terrific event, so we offer a full line of services, covering every aspect of your trade show experience.

Our Patriot Exhibit Services technicians safely transport all of your trade show exhibit items, allowing you to have the best show possible.  

Contact us today by calling Patriot Exhibit Services at (702) 538-7967 to begin the Las Vegas trade show booth transportation process.