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The Go-To Guide for Upping Your Exhibit Engagement Game

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Trade shows are great fun, but they are also a lot of work to pull off. We are often so overwhelmed by the “show” part that we forget to “trade”. It’s easy to get bogged down in the details, logistics, as well as the hustle and bustle of an expo, so we are here to remind you of the bottom line underscoring your presence at a trade show: to engage.

Sure, you want your booth to pop, but if visitors just smile and walk away, then you just lost a potential sale (or an entire stream of revenue). To make a lasting impression on a passerby, don’t let them pass by. Grab their attention, create a conversation, and present a buzz-worthy display that simply can’t be ignored.


Selfies are the preferred art form of the 21st century. Social media is flooded with snapshots and smiles every microsecond, contributing to the staggering statistic that Android users share approximately 93 million selfies every single day.

Let’s face it: people love to take pictures of themselves… so you should give them the perfect backdrop.

Create a customized “selfie station” at your exhibit booth. It can be fun and goofy, like a cardboard cutout of your company mascot posing for photos with every eager shutterbug who encounters your booth. If you prefer an epic feel, then you can create a fantasy landscape where people can pretend to conquer castles and slay dragons, thus adding fire to their lit selfies.

Regardless of the photo opportunity that you create for your guests, remember to prioritize branding. Prominently display your logo or slogan so that every pic of your pad is emblazoned with a takeaway. Everyone who sees the ensuing selfie avalanche will know who created it and how to achieve the sense of cool that’s embodied by the photo. Drive viewers to your website or social media feeds to keep your engagement progressing steadily. It’s a selfie snowball effect!


To add another layer of WOW to your exhibit, consider concocting an immersive experience. Instead of using passive technology that is designed to merely be seen, you should include touch screens, virtual reality goggles, or any other appropriate innovations to draw your audience into another realm.

Engaging the people close to your booth is a great first step, but then you can take it even further. For example, if you create a video display that depicts an intergalactic space journey, that’s cool. You might draw a few curious sci-fi fans into your purview. Now it’s time to leverage those fans and make them instant influencers! Point a camera at your guests and incorporate their image into your display. Now it looks like your visitors are blasting across the galaxy at light speed. This amplifies their enjoyment of the experience but also projects a cool hybrid animation/live-action product to the exhibit hall at large.

Your innovation will attract more visitors, more engagement, and more interactive fun. For help installing and conceiving your installation, ask the experts at Patriot. Our professionalism, creativity, and efficiency will get you set up and mixing it up in no time!


Who doesn’t love to win stuff? That was a rhetorical question; everybody loves winning! And stuff! The best way to showcase your wares is to get crowds of people clamoring to compete for your signature product. This goal can be achieved as simply as a raffle in which attendees submit their name and email address for a chance to win a snazzy new [fill in the blank with your prize]. You only need to give away one free gift, but in the process, you will harvest hundreds of contacts. This info is marketing gold when it comes to extending and maintaining customer engagement.

If you want to get creative with the contest concept, go viral! Encourage guests to submit their sweepstakes entry with a hashtag that raises awareness for your business. Now, you have effectively transcended the boundaries of the exhibit hall and ushered the online community into your virtual engagement party.


Active engagement is the ideal goal of your exhibit, but you can also make connections in a secondary way: by just being chillaxed. Trade shows can be hectic, and everyone needs a place to decompress. If you provide guests with a comfortable seat, they may provide you with their business.

Expos can also be stressful on your devices. Participants are constantly checking their phones, responding to emails, and generally draining their battery (figuratively and literally). By offering visitors a chance to plug in their phones, you have created a captive audience. They will graciously stay and chat while their device recharges, and you have just sparked a relationship that may yield business benefits in the days and years to come.


The primary reason for you to attend a trade show is to share your vision with the world. The most direct way to achieve this goal is to literally give away free samples of your product to other guests at the expo. You are giving them a glimpse of your inventory, not to mention a cool souvenir to show their friends. This keeps the engagement train on track and speeding ahead!

Now that visitors have had a taste of your brand, they are more apt to become converts. Studies show that free samples can boost sales of a product for up to 12 months following the initial giveaway. 

Now that you have a solid strategy to hook consumers, you just need the right platform. Patriot Exhibit Services can help create the perfect display where you can interact, influence, and engage with your demographic. Contact us to start the conversation, and then get ready for a much larger conversation to reverberate from your booth to the world at large.

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