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Trade shows 101: How to Lay Out an Aesthetically Pleasing Exhibit

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Trade shows can be a fantastic way for businesses of all sizes to market their services and products. After all, trade shows allow you to forge valuable connections with service providers, get your business in front of potential customers who are looking for businesses like yours, and grow your business’s visibility in your field. Exhibiting at trade shows can be costly, so it’s important to get the most bang for your buck. Here are some tips to help you put your best foot forward and turn your next tradeshow exhibit into a show-stopper.

1. Let Your Exhibit Represent Your Business Like a Pro

Your exhibit should be a visual representation of your company. Assume that no one at this tradeshow knows about your business and design your exhibit to reflect the most important aspects of your company: your brand, your products or services, and your company values. Your goal is to inform passersby that your company is the one they’ve been looking for and encourage them to want to stop and learn more.

Branding is a key factor here—even household names know that it’s critical to clearly brand their exhibits with their name, products, and color scheme. There are many ways you can incorporate your business name in creative, stand-out ways to ensure that your booth is remembered by visitors.

2. Tap the Right Tech for the Biggest Impact: Lighting, Video, and Audio

Highlight your best features with innovative use of technology. Using video and audio to highlight your brand’s services is often a trick used by exhibitors to save time and make sure that visitors have something to engage with, but the content and presentation of your audiovisual displays is also important. Rather than merely displaying your company website, opt for short, attention-getting videos that draw visitors in. While you may not have control over the overall lighting of the exhibition hall, colored lighting is another way to add visual interest to your space.

3. Finding Your Aesthetic and Color Scheme

Your logo is merely part of your company’s branding, so when it comes to planning the design of your tradeshow exhibit, it’s important to incorporate a cohesive color scheme and aesthetic. Often, you’ll already have an idea of what colors your business uses in your exhibit’s color palette. What you may not have considered is the aesthetic you want to create.

Google, for instance, cultivates a sleek aesthetic with all-white spaces and pops of their logo colors. The “feel” of your space can help your booth stand out from the dozens of other temporary exhibit installations.

4. Flooring: Your Very Own Red Carpet

You might not think much about what’s underfoot, but flooring can be a powerful, but subtle, signal to visitors. Your carpeting or flooring choice can help create a cohesive aesthetic in your space, but it also can help define it. There’s a very clear difference between your booth with a plush carpet underfoot and the next exhibit that is set up on only the exhibition space flooring.

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