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The Gloves Are ON: A Guide to Proper Health and Safety Measures at Your Trade Show Booth

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It’s official: you have already watched every TV show and movie ever produced. Staying home was an essential stage in fighting the spread of the novel coronavirus, but now you need to spread those wings, stretch those legs, and show off your commitment to the community. 

Trade shows are making a comeback, but they can only succeed if we all work together to make them as safe and smart as possible. Otherwise, another outbreak of COVID-19 could flare up and send us all back into seclusion. 

Haven’t you seen enough reruns of Little House on the Prairie? Yeah, we thought so. Let’s get healthy!


It has become a cliché, but masks indeed save lives. COVID-19 binds with terrifying efficiency to receptor cells lining the inside of the nose. By covering the nose, we can prevent the ingestion of harmful coronavirus particles, and by covering the mouth, we can halt the airborne aspirates that spread COVID-19.

Masks have proven to be guardian angels when it comes to public exposure. Experts estimate that Italy reduced the number of potential infections by a staggering 78,000 in the span of a month, all due to the country’s widespread use of masks.

We know what you’re thinking: but masks are annoying and they prevent me from socializing. We hear you, and we hug you (virtually) in solidarity. But rather than regarding masks as a nuisance, you could turn them into a marketing opportunity. 

Print your logo and business contact info on branded masks with your company colors. Now, instead of impeding social interaction, masks are facilitating them. Be sure to order enough to hand them out to all of the guests who may drop by your booth. Speaking of handouts…


Although it may be unrealistic to expect all attendees at a trade show to wear protective hand garments, gloves definitely play a vital role in slowing the spread of COVID-19. Make sure your support staff wears impermeable gloves when they are cleaning the booth and its surrounding area. This not only protects your team but also halts cross-contamination during the sterilization process. 

Gloves instill confidence in your visitors. They see that you are committed to safety, so they immediately consider you a person of integrity and intelligence. Hence, wearing gloves not only protects you and your clientele from spreading infections, but it also serves as a great first impression.


We can’t all wear gloves all the time, so it is important to consider other means of decontamination. By placing a hand-sanitizing dispenser prominently at your trade show booth, you are welcoming guests to a safe space that respects their wellbeing.

You can also include travel size tubes of hand sanitizer in your swag bag. Make sure you brand the keepsakes with your info, and add something fun or memorable like “Clean Up Your Act with [company name]!”

On the topic of swag, consider providing your clients with thoughtful items like packets of acetaminophen and bottled water. You can also provide visitors with pins and stickers that express your desire to connect in a responsible way. Example: “Let’s stay connected, yet six feet apart,” and be sure to include your contact information.


Everywhere you look, you see tape marks on the floor, advising you how to stay away from other customers in diners and grocery stores. While social distancing is important, let’s be creative about it!

Instead of just putting a duct-tape “X” on the ground, jazz it up. Grab attendees’ attention with a decal along the lines of “You are only 18 feet away from achieving your marketing goals.” At the next station, they are only 12 feet away, and so on. Build anticipation along with empathy. We are all trying to play by the new rules, but at least we can have fun in the process. 

To bring your social distancing reminders into the 21st century, get interactive! While people are observing their six-foot radius of space, illustrate how much freedom six feet really provides. Point a video camera at your guests and project their images onto a green screen. Their six feet of personal space has now become a galaxy of possibilities. Depict your visitors excavating an ancient cave or plumbing the depths of the ocean. By embracing technology, you position yourself as a forward thinker and a creative force. You also make the social distancing process interactive and immersive, which will please your clientele immensely. 


If you are involved with the organization of an upcoming trade show, congratulations! Your insights and innovations will make the next expo an event to remember. To maximize your impact and minimize your headaches, here’s an idea: hold the trade show outside.

COVID-19 doesn’t do well outside. In order to beat it, we just need to brave the elements. The spread of the novel coronavirus is much less prevalent outdoors than indoors. Case in point: an early study that identified 318 outbreaks of the disease. Among these transmissions, only one was associated with an outdoor gathering. This exterior outbreak only resulted in two transmissions, so its significance in contrast to the other 317 gatherings is quite small in comparison. 

To make the most of your day in the sun, be sure to have plenty of sunscreen and innovation on hand. Use your outdoor space wisely and tout the fact that you value your attendees’ health and happiness. An exterior venue expands your potential and offers ample space to breathe.

For more ideas and resources, contact Patriot Exhibit Services. No virus can stop us from being productive, proactive, and perfectly safe in the process. 

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