How to Spice Up Your Booth Decor During the Holiday Season

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The number one reason why people attend trade shows is to see and learn about the new products and services in their industry. It’s a great opportunity to scope out the market and check out the latest and greatest before everyone else. But let’s be honest—one of the most exciting things about attending a trade show is seeing the extravagant booth displays.

It seems like every year, trade show booths are getting more creative and innovative. In fact, many online magazines and industry trade publications have started publishing roundups of the best booths at major events, comparing some famous art installations and museums. It’s no secret that there’s a silent competition brewing between companies at trade shows, and every year is a battle to see who will bring the biggest and brightest display

Should Your Booth Have a Theme Around the Holidays?

The main season for trade shows happens to fall around the holiday season. From November to February, companies are planning out their booth displays and brainstorming ways to drive the most traffic. But should you decorate your booth to correspond with the holiday season?

As we mentioned earlier, trade show attendees are always intrigued by booths at events. A booth’s design could catch their eye, or make them uninterested. Decorating your booth around the holidays is a great way to draw attention to your space and make it stand out. Not only that, but adding some holiday flair to your booth showcases the human side of your brand. It sends a signal that your booth is approachable, that you’re focused on getting to know the attendees, and that you’re not just there to make a sale. 

That being said, if you do choose to decorate your booth in the spirit of the holidays, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Don’t go overboard with turkeys at Thanksgiving, and around Christmas, try to avoid an overload of candy canes. Remember, attendees still need to know who your company is—especially if you’ve booked meetings with clients at the booth. Decorating your booth around the holidays is a delicate balance of fun and functionality, and it’s important that your brand can still shine through.

Ideas for Fall and Thanksgiving Booth Displays

If you’re attending a trade show in November, think about outfitting your booth with autumn colors and decorations. When you’re choosing fabrics, opt for deep maroons, browns and oranges to replicate the feeling of fall foliage. Use this color scheme for your carpet, chairs, or even an accent wall.

Shop around for fall or Thanksgiving-themed throw pillows, and use them in your seating area. Hang leaves from the ceiling of the booth, place cornucopias on display tables, or show off fall-inspired flower arrangements. A tried-and-true way to get people into your booth is to give out free samples, so think about offering cups of apple cider or pumpkin-shaped cookies to attendees that stop by.

Because Thanksgiving is all about giving back, another great way to celebrate the holiday in your booth is to donate to a charity your company supports. Maybe you donate $5 for every business card you receive from attendees or give attendees a discount on your products or services if they donate $50 to the charity. It’s a great conversation starter and will make attendees feel good about doing business with you.

Ideas for Winter Booth Displays

Because trade shows ramp up in December and January, chances are that you’ll exhibit at an event around Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or New Years. And what better way to spice up your booth than to decorate it in the theme of the winter holidays? 

When selecting your booth’s color scheme, go for different shades of green, blue, red, and white, and use gold and silver as accent colors. Make sure to keep it tasteful, and remember to keep some of your brand colors intact. Try working the winter colors into your displays, carpets and seating areas to make the colors stand out against the rest of your booth. 

To transform your booth into a winter wonderland by hanging string lights around the top perimeter of your booth, using tinsel to frame your display cases or hanging snowflakes from the ceiling. Wrap a few empty boxes and place them around the booth, or even assemble a fake Christmas tree if you have space. Another idea is to have your staff where some type of holiday accessory, whether it’s a Santa hat, or light-up necklace. 

Similar to Thanksgiving, think about getting attendees involved in a charity of your choosing. Host a toy drive in your booth, and give attendees a discount on your products or services if they bring a gift. The holidays are also a great time to offer giveaways in your booth. Think about wrapping a few of your products, and if someone donates $50 to your charity, they get to choose a wrapped box and take it home. Both of these tactics can be promoted to attendees on social media using a creative hashtag.

Finding the Right Booth for Your Company

There are so many ways to decorate your trade show booth for the holiday season. But first, make sure you have an exhibit that makes your company and your products stand out. We offer a large variety of custom, modular and rental booths that can be customized with your company’s colors, logo, branding and display needs. No matter how close or far the event is, we’ll get your exhibit where it needs to be when it needs to be there. Learn more about our exhibit offerings, and check out examples of our past work.


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