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Rental Items that Will Take Your Exhibit to the Next Level

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To truly grab one’s attention in a city where there are literally hundreds of world-class trade shows every year, you need to make sure that your exhibit pops. People form first impressions incredibly quickly, perhaps even faster than a second, and in a world where we now have shorter attention spans than goldfish, it’s all the more important – and difficult – to keep someone’s attention once you grab it.

Fortunately, there are tons of creative ways to make sure your booth stands out amongst the rest. Trade shows span industries and are the place to be for prospective clients, investors, and fellow attendees to showcase your exhibition to a wide audience while giving you the opportunity to play around with fusing the physical and digital in new and fascinating ways.

The first step to creating a memorable experience at a trade show is to control the foot traffic by implementing these accessible and cost-effective rentals that are sure to bring attendees to your booth in dynamic and interactive ways.

Customized Block

Don’t be like everyone else. Your aesthetics are far more than simply showing people what you offer, they tell the story of your brand. Customizing your expo booth brings your vision to life and connects your products and service to a real human story that your potential customers can see, feel, and breathe in. You want visitors at your exhibit to experience what your brand is all about in a visceral and forthcoming way that leads them into wanting to know more. Plant questions in their mind about where they can see themselves going with your brand, but don’t leave them guessing – make sure your booth adequately reflects your mission statement as an organization.

Have fun with it! This is your time to get creative while pushing the narrative that you want attendees to know about. Whatever design you desire, we can do the heavy lifting in crafting a timeless concept that won’t break the bank.

Virtual Reality

Adding VR or AR to your exhibit immediately allows potential consumers to immerse into whichever world you design for them. Creating a sensory experience brings depth and a tangible connection to your brand that will lead users to explore your vision that much more intimately. Additionally, integrating virtual reality into your setup will demonstrate that you’re on the cutting edge of technology and that your future possibilities are limitless.

Using VR at your trade show exhibit can also seamlessly tie into your overall marketing and business development strategy, and will allow attendees to sit down and take in your brand for extended periods of time while exploring your virtual inventory and creating chatter about your products or services.

Gaming Lounge

Accentuate the fun by adding a pop-up lounge or mini arcade where attendees can compete with each other, all at your booth! Instead of simply doling out information about your brand, allow guests to play around with it by vying for tickets or virtual rewards like points and badges that they can exchange for discounted products or customized merch. Having your guests

Gamifying your booth can cause feel-good chemical reactions that both draw them to your organization and heighten learning about your vision in a way that satisfies users of all ages. Attendees will love having the chance to “level up” with your brand as they climb up leader boards and send you their achievement data. Not only will your lounge draw a crowd and attract eyeballs to your display, but the prizes the gamers receive serve as free marketing material for your business.

Our team is well-equipped to handle any and all of your installation needs, and we’d be happy to assist you in making your exhibit as fun as possible!

Interactive Art Installations

Increasingly, people want to interact with art. Social media platforms like Instagram allow for a naturally immersive experience that attendees can use to show off your brand to their followers. Encourage those who visit your booth to bust out their phones and snap up a pic or three of your display, complete with a fun and vibrant art installation that showcases your company logo as its centerpiece.

Invite your guests to become part of an artwork that responds to motion, heat, or other kinds of input as a way to include them into your brand’s creative side. Go bold and experimental and allow your attendees to “visit” your installation in a way that shatters boundaries and instills awe and participation.

Take Your Exhibit to the Next Level with Patriot Exhibit Services!

Want to truly take it to the next level? Forget about purchasing an interactive display and save money on storage and maintenance by renting with Patriot Exhibit Service. We have it all, and are happy to work with you on exactly what you need to create an unforgettable trade show experience.

By renting rather than buying an interactive display, you’ll have more resources to implement the newest software, while mixing up your display so you can affordably move with ease from event to event.

Why buy something you’re only going to use once or twice a year, or perhaps seasonally, but then have to store the rest of the time? Renting items can also save on freight costs when shipping your exhibit.

At Patriot Exhibit Services we’re thrilled to provide you with the highest quality equipment you need to make sure your event is of the highest standard. Contact us today to really make the most out of your next event.

Learn more about what we offer by calling (702) 538-7967.   


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