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How to Create a Lasting Impression at Your Next Trade Show

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Evaluating the narrative that you want to convey is paramount for preparing for your next trade show. Your brand has a story that you need to tell, and setting up an exhibition at a trade show is your opportunity to create a lasting impression amongst both your current and future clients.

Imagine the interaction between your clients and your exhibit as the beginning of their journey with your brand. It’s a way for you to show everyone what you’ve been up to, and what you have in store for the future. Regardless of who is walking through, it’s your chance to make the most of a short amount of time. 

Every guest that walks through your exhibit is starting a journey of their own. You want to make the most out of these one-on-one interactions. Here’s how:

Create a theme

Creating a theme that flows seamlessly from your trade show booth to your marketing materials lets your attendees into more than just a trade show – you are inviting them into an experience. 

Avoid the clutter of not unifying your platforms and marketing materials behind something that can umbrella them into one experience. Take the time to add depth and focus to what you want to achieve and execute that in a way that will resonate with your audience.

You can set up a landing page to keep clients active and in the loop and provide downloadable literature as part of your pre-show marketing. Let the connections you made in on the fun and create a plan within two weeks of the show that ties into the exhibit. 

Be social

Build hype and value in your product and be loud on social media. Allow attendees to become part of the experience and engage with your brand on multiple platforms, your website, and through an email list. 

Come up with unique giveaways and access to exclusive content as ways to draw more foot traffic and eyeballs to your exhibit. A robust pre-show digital presence will only add to the possibilities of face-to-face interactions during the show. 

A related hashtag will add to the conversation and hopefully keep it going long after the show. Have one of your staff post live updates and allow those not in attendance to feel part of the action through a live chat. 

Give it away

Free giveaways are an area where you can truly get creative. What reflects your brand in a captive way? What can your target demographic use more of? How can you create an unforgettable tie-in to your theme?

Keep your brand fresh in your attendees’ heads, and think outside the box when it comes to swag. Draw a special kind of attention to your booth and give people – your clients – what they want. 

Make art 

Interactive art installations are a fun way to let your guests in on the creative process in an immersive way. Invite attendees to play with your exhibit with art pieces that react to motion, heat, or other kinds of input as a way to reflect the wonder of your brand. 

Think about your target audience and your clients’ journey. What would resonate with them? What will awe them? What are they expecting out of the experience? Surprise them and turn the tables on them to make something special. 

Stay juiced

Keep everyone’s batteries charged by sponsoring a charging station at your space. This will give attendees the opportunity to experience your booth while taking care of an incredibly important task. 

After recharging, you can create a themed photo op with your hashtag of choice, providing an interactive moment that gives your guests a respite and keeps the conversation going on your social media platforms. 

Mix it up

Finding the right aesthetic is a surefire way to invite your guests into the experience. Adding textures and color to your display with modern features like industrial steel, bamboo, wood, or fabric can really make your display pop. 

Tinker around with 3D logos, light boxes, and comfortable furniture to create a relaxing environment that encourages your guests to stay a while and relax. Mix the rustic with the modern for a unique, lounge-like feel that is both warm and exciting.

Pride yourself in transforming your space into a meeting place where people can have a conversation and truly connect over your brand. It will plant a memory in their minds.

See the potential in everyone who walks through your booth, and make the most of your time and environment. At Patriot Exhibit Services, we cover all aspects of trade show equipment rentals, installation and dismantle, storage, and transportation.

We look forward to transforming your next exhibit into the start of a new beginning for both you and your clients! Call us at 702-538-7967.

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