How to Keep Your Booth Secure at Your Next Trade Show

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how to keep your booth secure

Safety can never be overlooked, especially at an event like your next trade show.

We can put so much time and effort into the pre-show marketing, set up, and final execution that it can be easy to forget about the most important exhibit outcome of all – that everyone is safe and that it all went smoothly.

That, unfortunately, isn’t always the reality, which makes focusing on security an absolute necessity. Goods lifted from in-booth meeting rooms, products stolen from display cases – even expensive audiovisual and digital equipment can disappear from a trade show floor in the blink of an eye.

This can happen often without recourse for the exhibitor. This is because the terms and conditions will usually contain the disclaimer: “You are entering a contract which limits your possible recovery in case of loss or damage.”

The first thing to remember is always common sense. Also, these important tips:

Be Prepared

Crossing all your “t”’s and dotting every “i” will go a long way to ensuring your next trade show is one without theft. Don’t wait until you’re actually at the show to plan your exhibit security. The time to worry about losing your prized possessions at a show is before the show. Prepare for the worst, just to be safe.

Keep track of the serial numbers and replacement values of all items and take photos of everything. At the end of the day, awareness will go far in protecting your assets. Simply being aware of the risks will lead you to be more alert on the floor.

Make sure you take digital property into account as much as you do with physical property. Protecting customer lists and trade secrets is just as much of your responsibility as protecting company property.

Always Have Hands on Deck

Never leave your booth unattended. The most obvious time for someone to run away with something is when you’re away from the booth.

You’re going to need a trusted partner to head the booth when you’re off grabbing a bite to eat, visiting with other vendors, or using the restroom. If you don’t have a partner with you watch your table, ask another vendor that you can trust to keep an eye over everything, even if there are times when you’re busy with customers. Another set of eyes can make all the difference.

 You should always have a staff member onsite, but having a “neighborhood watch” will allow you to be on the same page with the other booths and more eyes keeping patrol. Also, befriend the security staff and ask them what they see most often or if they have any helpful tips to watch out for.

Hide Your Valuables

Always keep your valuables out of sight, but you can take this a step further. Mislabel your valuable boxes as on purpose, as “sales brochures” or something else relatively unappealing.

Consider the locations of things like tablets, smartphones, and laptops while you are meeting with potential customers, as these are the items that are easy targets to snag.

For more expensive items, think about using GPS trackers. In addition, locked display cases can be a good investment. They can be bulky but can serve as both display items and locked cases for overnight storage or if you need to leave the booth during the show.

Another option is using a steel cable that goes through all the handles of carrying cases, so noone can leave with any of your belongings.

Consider Video Security

Nighttime security is always a fairly big concern. Have a plan to protect your equipment overnight.

Implementing visible video cameras with signage indicating 24-hour monitoring can serve as a powerful crime deterrent. If a crime does take place, you’ll have a better chance of identifying and catching the perpetrator.

You can also go with monitored video surveillance, which utilizes features such as strobe lights to act as a deterrent to the would-be thief.

Also consider security outside of the booth, depending on your method of transportation. Hiring a reputable and reliable transportation partner is vital to your items arriving and leaving safe and sound.

Stay Organized

If you have tabs on everything, then you’ll know where everything is at all times. Keeping your things organized makes it easier to notice if something is wrong.

Taking the time to think about your trade show booth in this safe and secure context will go a long way towards ensuring your show runs as smoothly as it does in your dreams and will allow you to be proactive about the potential problems and concerns that always arise at events of this magnitude.

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