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Go Green at Your Next Trade Show

By June 12, 2019 No Comments

You’re almost ready for your next big show. You’ve got the display just right, your staff is well versed on the topic at hand and geared up to share their insights with the public, and your product is ready for its close-up. But you forgot to consider one important factor: how are you impacting the environment?

The following guidelines are vital to keep in mind as you craft your trade show presence. After all, the right decisions make more than just dollars; they also make sense.

Say “Boo!” to the Bottle

Your instincts tell you to provide trade show guests with anything they might want. A happy client is a repeat client, that’s true, but there’s nothing happy about wasteful giveaways. Case in PINT: plastic water bottles. Many vendors include a free H2O in their swag bags or they pass out bottles to disinterested passersby as a matter of habit. You’re trying to create a connection, but this isn’t the eco-best way to do so.

The consumption of plastic water bottles has raced out of control. The human species purchases one million of these earth killers every 60 seconds. That’s astounding, but the news gets worse from there. An estimated 91% of all the plastic we use does NOT get recycled.

This situation is unsustainable, literally. Be a vanguard on the matter and ditch the use of plastic water bottles at your next show. Some savvy alternatives ideas:

  • Supply your team with a portable water cooler and encourage guests to refill their existing cups, bottles, etc. with a fresh blast of consciousness.
  • Instead of giving out so-called “disposable” bottles of water, create swag with your company’s name on it – something like a mug or another collectible. This serves to not only replace the wasteful plastic bottle with a vessel to replenish people’s thirst, but it also advertises your group. Win-win-grin!

Optimize Your Display

Let’s face it: first impressions are worth their weight in proverbial gold at an expo. You need to grab people’s attention with a presentation that defines who you are and what you have to say.

Just be sure that message isn’t #wasteful.

In this episode of “two birds, one stone”, let’s take a look at how you can decrease costs while increasing your environmental responsibility. By lowering the brightness of your monitors from 100% to 70% (which is more pleasing to the eye anyway, to be honest), you can reduce your energy consumption by an impressive 20%.

Also, your light show is sure to dazzle visitors to your booth, but there’s no need to light up the night any longer than absolutely necessary. Switch off unnecessary bulbs when you’re not actively showcasing your goods. Studies show that if you turn off just four lights overnight, you could reduce the CO2 equivalent of 20 car rides from Paris to London!

Pick a Venue that Reflects Your Eco-Values

No matter where you set up shop, try to find a kindred soul in your venue choice. Do they have a philosophy when it comes to carbon reduction? Will they be enthusiastic partners as you concoct your eco-friendly strategy? And most importantly: do they recycle?

This last point is worth repeating. Recycling is an essential first step when it comes to reducing our collective carbon footprint (or boot print, the way things are going). Americans generate over 254 million tons of trash every year. That’s 508 billion pounds of neglect and regret.

But there’s a silver lining in the landfill that clutters our horizon. Half of that refuse is recyclable. Unfortunately, only 34% of our reusable garbage actually gets the treatment it needs, which means we have quite a bit of catching up to do.

Be at the forefront of the movement by working with your venue to hatch a plan. Establish your recycling presence immediately upon setting up your booth and offer help to other vendors who are interested in following suit. This will not only help Mother Earth, but it also serves as a chance to network with your contemporaries. They will recognize your passion, respect your commitment, and look to you as a point person in the expo circuit. Welcome to the head of the class!

Earth Matters: Why Lowering Your Carbon Footprint Is So Important

Now that you have cemented your role as a leader, it’s time to build upon that reputation. It’s always savvy to think several steps ahead like you’re playing the ultimate game of chess; you might not necessarily be winning in the short term, but it’s the long game that counts.

Well, being eco-friendly is the epitome of a long game. What kind of environment are we shaping for the next year, for the next generation, for the next iteration of humanity? You want your legacy to live on as vibrantly as your organization thrives well into the future, but it needs the right conditions to nurture its sustainability.

That’s why going green is more than just a “nice” thing to do; it’s a statement about your commitment to longevity and strategy. If you’re shortsighted about such matters as Styrofoam and pollution, what does that illustrate about your organization as a whole?

Wear your green awareness on your sleeve. It’s branding, it’s current, it’s smart, and it’s just the right thing to do.

We can help you assert your ideas, achieve your goals, and triumph on the trade show scene. Contact us today and let’s go green together.


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