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7 Lighting Tips to Make your Booth Shine the Brightest

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Standing out at a trade show is imperative, but regardless of what kind of booth you’ve set up and what services your brand offers, the appropriate lighting is absolutely key. Good lighting is integral to the layout of your exhibit, as it directs your attendee’s eyes to what you want to showcase while also setting the tone for what it is you’re trying to convey.

Lighting has a huge effect on our mood and perception and when implemented right can go a long way in drawing attention to your products and even enhancing your sales.

Let’s explore some of the different types of trade show lighting to ensure that your next exhibit is shining as bright as can be.

Use front-lit LED lighting

Front-lit lights are commonly found at the top of booth panels at trade shows and are a great way to highlight fabric displays. These lights use lightweight frames that are easy to assemble and can include LED clamp lights, which effortlessly allow you to showcase your banner or display in whichever method you see fit.

Go with LED, which maintains a cooler temperature, last longer, and are far more energy-efficient than halogen bulbs, which generate a lot of and can degrade the graphics they’re meant to illuminate. LED bulbs will save you money while taking up less wattage than traditional light.

Go with ladder-style backlighting

The practice of placing lights behind a fabric panel or inside signage – known as backlighting – can really make your material pop while drawing special attention to 3D logos and fabric graphics. These lights flood the space they occupy and create an illuminating glow that is hard to ignore.

Try out ladder lighting, which features LED lights that hang inside the display frame itself. This form of backlighting is a simple technique that goes a remarkably long way in showcasing your exhibit and can make a dramatic difference in catching the eyes of passersby.

Choose spotlights with reflectors

Spotlights come in an array of styles and options, such as track lights and recessed downlights, and splash a wondrous radiance anywhere in your exhibit. Track lights are especially great for highlighting graphics displayed along a large wall and can be used to illuminate products on countertops. Recessed downlights can highlight singular aspects of your exhibit and can be implemented inside shelves or embedded within ceilings.

When choosing spotlight bulbs, look out for reflectors, as in the “r” in MR16s, MR 11s, MR8s, PAR lamps, and R lamps. These bulbs emit brighter and more concentrated light that reflects off the inside of its metal casing. Choose warm and inviting temperatures (such as 2700 or 3000k) with a nice color-rendering index (above 80) and a beam angle that is narrow or wide enough to show off your display.

Layer your lighting

Using different types of lights throughout your exhibit can add depth and warmth to your display. For example, you can spotlight logos, display cases, wall graphics, and organization literature, while accenting the underneath areas of countertops or behind posters.

Rope lights and tape lights are particularly useful for accenting and can be utilized in delicate and discreet ways while maximizing their impact, such as around cabinets or along a wall lining. Rope light is durable and can easily fit anywhere, while tape light’s adhesive nature allows it to be set up in uniquely-shaped and hard-to-fit places.

Illuminate your brand

You want your guests to immediately recognize your brand identity, and lighting up your logo is a sure-fire way to do that. You can incorporate your branding with colored lights, using accent lighting in places such as underneath countertops or on the edges of your tables that match the colors of your logo.

Keep in mind the psychology of colors and how people react to them, as well as their relation to your industry. Blues and greens create a calming effect while reds and oranges have can stimulate the senses. You want to plant a feeling that is connected to your brand – if you sell jet skis, then perhaps you want to reflect the cool colors of the ocean. Or you can create excitement and adventure with warmer colors. It’s up to you and what fits your messaging.

Find the right display

There are a number of display options that work great in trade show settings.

Double-sided banner stands are lightweight and portable and are a key component of any brand’s exhibit booth. They show off promotional materials spectacularly and can easily fit into tight spots. These use clamp lights to make sure that both sides are well-lit and visible from afar.

Back walls are essential for backlighting and allow your display to bask in a gorgeous glow that can really turn heads. Spotlights also look great in highlighting your brand identity, mission statement, artwork, or simply as a beautiful backdrop that ties your entire presentation together.

Podium stands look incredible when LED lights glow from within, creating multiple points of interaction and an inviting environment that can serve as a centerpiece to your exhibit.

Don’t skimp on lighting, but don’t overdo it either

Light can have a major impact on the mood and appeal of your booth and cannot be overlooked. Don’t leave it out of your budget. Investing in your illumination is worthwhile because it is quite literally how trade show attendees are able to visualize your brand.

Using too much lighting, however, can drown out key aspects of your presentation and detract visitors if your display is too bright. More is not always better. Find that sweet spot that appeals to the eye, accentuates other elements of your brand and design, and is both approachable and functional. Lighting that invited people to learn more about your business is key.

Are you ready to light up your exhibit? Our team at Patriot Exhibit Services is happy to get you started on illuminating your next event in ways that will show off your brand and set you apart from the crowd. We’ll work on the lighting so you that can focus on your business.

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