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Common Trade Show Mistakes Made by Exhibitors and How to Avoid

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You want to make a statement at your next trade show – after all, it helps form an immediate impression of your business. Making it fun, vibrant, and accessible while narrating a message to your guests about what your brand is all about. 

It’s important not to cut corners, but it’s also easy to make mistakes. You want to make sure you’re doing the best job of conveying the central message of your product in a way that reflects the overall tone of your brand. 

A successful trade show exhibit can boost sales, increase brand awareness, and introduce new products to prospective clients. Project that level of quality at your next trade show by avoiding these ## mistakes: 

Not the right lighting

Lighting has the power to shape our decisions and alter our perceptions. You want your booth to shine the brightest, but you also don’t want to overdo it. Keep your booth well-lit without blinding your guests, because people feel more connected in comfortably-lit settings that provide immediate pleasure.

Have fun with experimenting with front-lit LEDs, spotlights, and backlighting to add depth and warmth to your display. Illuminate your brand and make feel welcome with a colorful array of wall graphics, rope lights, and creative little sparks that can excite the soul. 

Being too over the top

You want to stand out, but you don’t need to go overboard. Flashy doesn’t mean successful from a marketing standpoint. You really don’t have to follow the “go big or go home” mantra to an extreme.

If you participate in multiple trade shows each year, you’ll learn that it may make sense for you to go larger at certain events. Invest money at shows that take precedence for your business in allowing you to generate more leads. 

A 10-inch display that includes hardware and a mural with panel shelves is a solid way to go. Figure out what works for you – from graphics to display configurations – before going all in on an island exhibit. Explore possibilities that accentuate your product while exploring space through kiosks, seating areas, overhead signage, and product displays. 

Not being grand enough

If your booth looks exactly the same as everyone else’s, then you have a problem on your hands. You want to generate traffic, which means you have to set yourself apart from the rest. You don’t want anyone to miss you!

Your exhibit is your vehicle to make a solid first impression. Have fun with telling people what your business is all about! Smaller exhibits generally get less traffic than larger exhibits, usually based on location.

If you want to be noticed, you have to stand out from the crowd. Differentiate yourself from everyone else so you leave a lasting, unforgettable image in the minds of your guests long after they have gone home. 

Having no clear goals 

If you don’t know what your mission is, how will your guests? Acknowledge why you’re there and what you want to get out of the experience – don’t just put your trade show marketing on cruise control.

Be strategic and goal-oriented and really have a well-thought out reason for why you want to be there. Determine what a successful show means to you, what it will take to accomplish and exceed those goals, and work on designing a booth that achieves them. We can help!

Understand the short-term and long-term goals for your company. Try thinking outside the box of simply “generating more leads” and “increasing sales” and access a creative space that allows you to fuse your goals for both the show and the company at large. 

Once you have specific goals, finding the right balance in your trade show display will be much easier. You shouldn’t just attend a trade show for the sole purpose of attending a trade show. You want to wow a crowd in a way that is authentic to you. 

Ineffective use of social media

Market your exhibit on social media, and make it fun, interesting, and engaging so people can create a conversation around your booth. 

If you don’t promote your appearance, how will anyone know about it? Keep the messaging strong and authentic across all social media platforms and let everyone know what is going down. Update your followers on where you’ll be and what you’re up to, and respond when you have digital interaction. This can convince your followers to attend and inform those interested, which can lead to more traffic at your physical exhibit. 

Utilizing the reach of your company’s social media accounts both before and during the event can elicit a great response from your existing followers while gaining new ones along the way.

Give people a reason to visit you. Trade show attendees are faced with products and services galore. Provide incentives so guests will be attracted to your stand and spend more time checking out what kind of innovative and exciting new things you have in store for them. 

Having the wrong people in the booth

Make sure the staff you have in your booth represent your brand in the best possible way. They should be able to answer any and all questions related to your exhibit and your business. Don’t skimp on adequately training them for the experience, and don’t overlook the vital importance of face-to-face marketing. 

Make sure they understand the mission and are well-versed in projecting that successfully to anyone walking through. Your team must have the ability to open up positive dialogue and set up future appointments after the show.

Also, keep in mind that attendees prefer to interact with the product first and then seek information from nearby personnel. Don’t ambush your attendees with overly aggressive presentation techniques. Let people approach you naturally and don’t force the conversation.

We hope these tips help you with your next trade show. Contact us today – we’d be happy to get you started on creating the exhibit of your dreams!

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