A Few Words About Us

Exhibiting at an event can be daunting. Graphics, lighting, technology, schedules, transportation, and you’re only one person. The details pile up. With Patriot Exhibit Services at your side, you will be surprised how smooth exhibiting can be. We have over 30 years of experience at our disposal to execute your plans without a hitch.

Unlike specialty vendors who do their job and go home, we work tirelessly to give you peace of mind. Our philosophy has evolved from understanding customers’ own personal wishlists and their frustrations with other vendors. They just want someone to care as much as they care. Well, we do.

Our Company Core Values


We believe in doing the right thing for our customer, no matter the consequence to us. You have decided to put your trust in us, and we hold that trust sacred. This means getting it right the first time, assuming full responsibility for subcontracted services, and ensuring everything we do is within budget and time constraints.


Satisfaction in knowing we value our clients their brand and the focus of their exhibit. We are a dependable team to leave your worries at the door. We pride ourselves in being able to provide consistency from year to year. Our team is devoted to your customer satisfaction, with the faith and know how to accomplish any task at hand.


Our focus is your success. We want nothing more than to help you dazzle and inform your customers. We will remain fully committed to your vision and your goals for your exhibit, and we will do whatever we can to help you realize them. We are always here for ideas, sensible suggestions, and feedback, but this is your show, and you will have full control over any detail you wish.